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Date Uploaded: 05/16/2023

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we begin with the newly released report from special counsel John Durham nearly four years since beginning of his investigation of the origins of the trump-russia collusion narrative the special counsel concluded that the FBI and the Department of Justice failed to uphold their mission of strict Fidelity to the law house Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan is now inviting John Durham to testify before his committee on the cap on Capitol Hill meanwhile the mainstream media and Democrats are trying to write off the Durham report as nothing new there's a whole thing is predicated on it's like a rabbit hole conspiracy this is a predictable sad ending to an investigation that never should have taken place what you have with John Durham is like it's a big fat nothing Durham is a is a kind of the character four years a year I don't know how many millions of dollars I don't know how many people how many of his friends he hired in his office to do what basically blatantly false report we've spent an awful lot of money as an American government on a report that essentially proves no wrongdoing there is nothing new here we knew from the very beginning this was never a legitimate investigation Brian Kilmeade where would you like to begin how wrong they were and how unbelievable it is that Peter strzok Andrew Weissman and Andy McCabe would come out when they really should be disgraced and apologize I mean they're flat out they had an investigation that took place for four years and they're complaining against an investigation into why they were investigating a rush a trump Rush occlusion that never existed they should be apologizing to the American people they said that Paul manafort George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn as well as Carter page got together and because of their their hooks into Russia that didn't exist it means Donald Trump's whole campaign and his presidency shouldn't really happen for four years they said he was illegitimate for four years everything that the Trump did from the North Korea meeting to tax cuts on down to the Abraham Accords every time he had something a Russia probe investigation or Revelation would pop up and this is all proven that it's fiction instead of admitting to it like Jake Tapper says and you'll see this they come out and say this all right let's watch that the report is now here it has dropped and it might not have produced everything of what some Republicans vote for it is regardless devastating to the FBI and to a degree it does exonerate Donald Trump last Quick thought I'll move on how hard was it for him to say that I mean basically his Network lived off the whole Trump connection their anger at Kaylee and others who would sit up there and try to tell you what's going on in the country instead they talked about Russia this proves these 300 pages that the investigation never should have happened and they're still defiant so that was my point with kellyanne Conway last hour you know you the nation not only did not hear the truth about what was going on in the Russian narrative sure but they didn't hear a whole lot of other stuff either that should have been coming out of the white house because everything was sort of being filtered for the White House like only answer these questions about this one thing when there were a lot of things that were going on that the American people would have wanted to know right to your point distracting from the business of the American people on the world stage and here domestically because you had networks committed to perpetuating this false narrative that we now know is all false we've known it for years and years didn't stop many people from continuing with it even to this day I would say this too about the Durham report you know Durham did his job in trying to match the facts to the law but I don't think our legal system ever envisioned a national police force that would try to sway an election because that's what this was with the FBI a national police force trying to sway an election so we just simply don't have laws to match the fact pattern that we saw on as devastating as it will be um but I would also note this didn't just happen once it happened twice with Hunter Biden because we learned last week from the testimony of David carrion's a CIA individual that a current CIA analyst when he submitted something for pre-publication review in return carrions gets an email saying hey sign on to this letter with 51 other Intel officials but this is allegedly a current CIA employee doing this so the FBI says oh we've changed dozens of things well CIA have you changed dozens of things because you might have swung an election because you covered up something that was a vital interest to the American people talk to me about what it was like Morgan to be inside of an Administration where the man at the top was targeted in this way now we know that the FBI according to Durham's report treated Clinton and Trump so very differently well and Kaylee and Emily are lawyers and and I appreciate their legal perspective on the foreign policy side where I was with Mike Pompeo it was incredibly frustrating because we actually had more actions and more sanctions and more things that we were doing against Putin in the Russian regime than any presidency since the Cold War but we couldn't give it covered because of the lies that were perpetrated by the Clinton campaign and by the Obama FBI and doj and by the way there's a the FBI and doj's Kaylee just said uh are saying oh we've made all of these changes you know this report is old we've already made changes well there's a whistleblower in Congress right now before Grassley in the Senate saying no that actually the IRS and and the doj are actually trying to stop anything that's Biden related so long story short I think that this could not be more serious I encourage everyone to look at Senator Mike Lee's tweet thread on this I think politicizing the intelligence community and federal law enforcement trying to swing an election the way they did it will have generational consequences for our intelligence community and for our federal law enforcement there is a distrust by many people in America for these institutions in a way that bothers me because I support these institutions I have been a part of these institutions but we have a serious national security problem and progressives taking apolitical organizations and making them inherently political so just to further what you were saying and a real quick response from you Jason Chaffetz was asking well former chairman of the the oversight committee are we at a point where we should start to take away security clearances National Security clearances for the former Intel Chief Adam Schiff do we take it away from Congressman Eric swalwell you're feeling on that uh yeah I don't know why either of them would have them I don't see how Eric's swallow should even be able to run for Congress considering what he's doing he certainly wouldn't be qualified if he was you know an E4 in the military wouldn't be qualified for a military security clearance I would like to know from legislators what can be done because we see all of this and I hear them talking about reform but I want to know what can actually be done do we need a bipartisan commission we cannot let this be swept under the rug and that's what they're trying to do right now all right Emily right there's so much here I think my my overarching thought is that we just need to continue viewing this rather than an isolated book as one chapter of many because in this story that was uncovered in this Durham report it sent it essentially and clearly covered multiple iterations of this beast of the FBI this Beast of a doj that has like a chameleon changed its colors depending on what year you're in and who's in office and to your point of the politicization so we had a sitting congressman Adam Schiff who at the time was chairman of the house intelligence committee saying I have seen the evidence and now we know there hasn't been any and then we learn that he sought to actually stop the Durham investigation he said at the time that that served ironically to delegitimize President Biden at the time we know that that thanks to the Durham report Not only was there this obfuscating cloak that they were involved in right everyone look over here look at this fake dossier this fake you know Russia collusion whatever for Trump forgetting everything else meanwhile they were they were squishing down the investigation into the Clinton Foundation they were sloughing off all of Hillary Clinton's blatant illegal illegal activities as harmless error and they totally ignored to your fisa foreign intelligence point the illegal campaign contributions that she received it is A Tale of Two Cities two countries but the point again it's a tale of multiple so we cannot take our eye off the ball that there is a multi-undercurrent layer of this story you know Kayla you and I shared a look here when you said that that the changes come depending on who's in office which kind of furthers that thought of are they serving themselves then at the top of some of these agencies and not even loyal to the people that they may choose who are in the office it's an interesting question we've got to move but we'll hit it a different day




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