Report Clinton And DNC Behind Russia Hoax




By: chip2423

Date Uploaded: 05/16/2023

Tags: Report Clinton And DNC Behind Russia Hoax  

Read The Full Report it only took four years but the Durham report has finally dropped and he found out what everybody already knew the whole Trump Russia collusion story was a giant hoax started by democrats the FBI knew it was a hoax the CIA knew it was a hoax and Barack Obama knew was a hoax everybody knew it was a hoax the whole time but they acted like it was real the CIA knew Hillary started the Russia collusion story and then went in and told Barack Obama all about it that she was trying to link Trump with Russia to distract from her email scandal but this is the best part the p-tape you know what they said in the steel dossier that Trump peed on prostitutes at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow well at first we thought that Hillary got the Russians to make the story up but it turns out Hillary's guy made up the pp tape lie and then they just pinned it on a Russian the Democratic National Committee had this guy Charles Dolan he goes to Russia Checks Into The Ritz Carlton and asks for a tour of the presidential suite and then the golden shower story drops nobody at the Ritz Carlton told him this not the Bellman not the cleaning ladies not the manager Amy maybe he got so drunk on vodka he forgot it actually happened to him so the pp tape was Hillary's team's idea well what else did we find out from Durham well we found out the FBI shut down two investigations into the clintons too first three separate FBI field offices said wait a second Clinton Foundation is a foreign money laundering scam we should probably look into it but Andy McCabe you remember Andy the guy married to the Clinton donor he calls everybody in and says guys the Clinton foundation's off limits second thing they shut down the Hillary Clinton campaign was taking illegal contributions from overseas FBI informants caught Hillary's campaign saying yeah we'll take your money we don't care Albania Morocco just send us the checks so he runs it up the flagpole at the FBI headquarters and they said shut it down no investigation into Hillary Clinton's foreign campaign donors we're not going to go there we have to frame Trump as a traitor instead so John Durham also found a few other funny little nuggets that squeaky clean James Comey couldn't wait to spy on the Trump campaign he kept asking his underlings have we started spying yet have we started spying yet when could we start spying on Trump are the phones tapped yet what a sicko also comey's people told his people don't put anything in writing it's only going to get us in trouble so the media loves to say well you know this is just the FBI this is just the Department of Justice but they never tell you is this is the Obama Administration preventing investigations into Hillary and green lighting fake and illegal investigations into Donald Trump but Barack Obama gets out there and he lies to us about the whole thing I can guarantee that not because I give attorney general Lynch a directive that is institutionally how we have always operated I do not talk to the attorney general about pending investigations I do not talk to FBI directors about pending investigations the we have a strict line and always have maintained it I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the justice department or the FBI not just in this case but in any case so Barack Obama gets briefed by the CIA director with the FBI director on pending investigations into his political opponents and then he just tells Fox no it just lies the fox don't you ever lie to Fox again




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