Migrant Surge Upending Life In DEM-LED Citys




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Date Uploaded: 05/16/2023

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you lawyers meanwhile for the Biden Administration state border patrol has released more than 6 000 migrants into the U.S since the end of title 42 without giving them court dates or having a way to track them complete coverage now Juan Williams and David Avella standing by on the strain that is putting on American cities well beyond the Border but first to Bill malugin he's live in Brownsville Texas where the pictures are still just stunning coming from there Bill had migrant Crossing slowed down this week at all Sandra they have a CBP Source tells me that yesterday there were just under 4 000 illegal crossings that continues a really big steep drop that we saw from the record highs of last week when there were more than 10 000 a day now with that being said about 4 000 in a day is still very significant and we want to show you some new video we've gotten take a look at this from one of our contacts up in Eagle Pass their security video showing a large group of migrants Crossing illegally onto their private property as a border patrol air belt kind of watches helplessly floating in the river now you might have noticed in the video a soldier opens up the gate to that property to let the migrants in I talked to the Texas National Guard they tell me that was not a Texas Soldier they tell me that was a soldier from the Missouri National Guard working under the federal government as part of title 10. Texas says that was not their soldier who opens that gate we also want to show you these images out of Arizona take a look at this aho Arizona border patrol there reporting encountering three separate huge groups of migrants more than 200 each in 100 degree weather and they were coming in from all over the world listen to some of the countries these groups of migrants were from Mauritania Senegal Vietnam Pakistan India and Chad and to that point take a look at this photo right here right here in the Rio Grande Valley Texas DPS saying one of their Troopers encountered this group of 30 Chinese Nationals walking down a road near Roma Texas the trooper got them off the road called border patrol border patrol showed up and took them into custody for processing and then lastly take a look at this massive fentanyl bust Nogales Arizona three-day span more than 1.6 million pills and 4.7 4.75 pounds of fentanyl powder massive fentanyl bust continuing we'll send it back to you wow film Legend on all of that for us Bill thank you John all right let's do a deep political dive on all of this with our panel Juan Williams Fox News senior political analyst and David develo the chairman of go pack so we've got migrant who are staying in public schools in New York City that are in use by students you've got veterans getting kicked out of hotel rooms in towns north of New York City because illegal migrants are going in there to be housed you've got people who are losing rooms for their wedding reservation in the same town Juan this thing is having an effect far and wide across our country I don't think there's any question about it and you know these situations are anecdotal yeah but I think that they are evidence of the larger impact I mean it has an impact on our schools it has an impact on our health care System these are new people it also some people I know the businesses might argue they can use the workers but I think that all of us in some ways are being impacted by the crisis at the border yeah we've got some video here of a protest in Brooklyn and Sunset Park against migrants being housed in schools I didn't know from written a few articles that parents of students at PS 188 in Brooklyn are concerned about dropping their kids off there the gym that the migrants David are going to be housed in is detached from the school it's actually not a part of the building but it's still on the property total of seven schools in New York City are being used to house migrants and you have to wonder given all the concerns about school safety why would the city do this well they're trying to protect their citizens and what an unintended consequence for the bite Administration may be is that it gets a primary challenge out of this if you're Eric Adams or you're one of these big City Mayors and you're dealing with the policies of the Biden Administration eventually you say I've had enough and you're hearing this coming out of Eric Adams not that he per se is getting ready to challenge Biden in the primary but that he's had enough of Biden not dealing with the Border some Democratic mayor finally may say they have enough I mean for goodness sakes you got Marianne Williamson and Robert F Kennedy Jr getting 30 percent of the primary right now Joe Biden's policies only invite that some democrat take him on in the primary yeah well Biden's still getting 70 even though [Music] and what's interesting about this is It's typically Republican against Democrat but when it comes to Eric Adams and Biden it's Democrat against Democrats listen to what Eric Adams said where the heck is the president of the United States that is a good question and I think we all should be asking uh why is this happening to a city that was turning itself around and will continue to do so uh this should not be happening to New York City Chicago Los Angeles no cities should be carrying this burden this is a national problem and it needs a national solution all right so there you've got Adams going up against Biden you've got Adams going up against the mayor of Orangeburg New York you've got communities battling each other over over this migrant problem and yet Biden is sitting there looking at people continuing to come across the border and and not doing anything to actually close the border oh I disagree I think that what's he doing to close the border wait a second we just saw that we've seen a decrease not a surge over the last few days that was widely predicted so clearly they are taking steps they are taking steps about having people processed outside of the United States and it may be having some impact we can't predict what is to come John but you got to say yes the surge hasn't happened the second thing to say is however if I could just interject 60 000 people came across the week prior to title 42 coming up 6 000 of them were released to the United States on Thursday we all predicted I think at this very table if there was going to be a massive surge after title 42 uh you know ended it hasn't happened yet and I think there's you have to give some credit to Administration policies the thing about this is we do have a crisis at the border and we have a broken border and I think we need Congress we need the United States of America as a body to pass comprehensive immigration reform including reform of our Asylum system which is why people come here to legitimately say they're fleeing either political oppression or economic hardship quick final word do you do perhaps 87 000 border agents would have been better than 87 000 new IRS agents but to Juan's point if the the Senate would look at things like putting more border agents making sure uh on uh migrants that are coming here that are children who are unaccompanied are taken care of you could get consensus and it's actually the bill House Republicans just passed the Senate should pass it the President should sign it gentlemen we'll be talking about this for a long time to come it's a good conversation thank you I appreciated it thanks




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