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Drug Shortages Near An All Time High

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Drug Shortages Near An All Time High

Lumberton Tx

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was live at one time

Durham FBI Applied Unequal Treatment To Trump

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we begin with the newly released report from special counsel John Durham nearly four years since beginning of his investigation of the origins of the trump-russia collusion narrative the special counsel concluded that the FBI and the Department of Justice failed to uphold their mission of strict ...

Report Clinton And DNC Behind Russia Hoax

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Read The Full Report it only took four years but the Durham report has finally dropped and he found out what everybody already knew the whole Trump Russia collusion story was a giant hoax started by democrats the FBI knew it was a hoax the CIA knew it was a hoax and Barack...

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Donald Trump Presidential Town Hall - May 10 2023

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[Music] thank you good evening and welcome to New Hampshire the first UOB primary State we're live here at St anzone college for CNN's town hall with former president Donald Trump I'm Caitlin Collins Tonight president Trump is here as he embarks on a campaign unlike any other in the history...

Migrant Surge Upending Life In DEM-LED Citys

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you lawyers meanwhile for the Biden Administration state border patrol has released more than 6 000 migrants into the U.S since the end of title 42 without giving them court dates or having a way to track them complete coverage now Juan Williams and David Avella standing by on the strain that is ...